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    AK-FC-03 is a multi-mode fan control with LCD display. Speed control for 4 fans and thermal monitor. 7 colour LCD display option. 5 colour fascia panels are available including black, red, blue, champagne and silver. It fits standard 5.25'' drive bay.
    Speed control for 4 fans
    Thermal monitoring
    Multi function LED display
    7 colour LCD display option
    Audio alarm warning
    Auto memory
    5 colour fascia panels available
    Application Standard 5.25'' Drive Bay
    Dimension 148.5 x 42.5 x 75.8mm
    Rated voltage 5v ± 5%, 12v ± 5%
    Input voltage 5v – less than 0.5w, 12v depends on fan type
    Wattage 17 watts per channel
    Panel temperature range 0° - 50°
    Sensor range 0° - 90°
    Produce code AK-FC-03
    5-aluminium fascia panels: black, blue, red, champagne & silver
    4 x 3-pin extension cables
    4 x thermal sensor probes
    Thermal tape
    Allen key
    Fixing screws